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Usage: These mods are free to the community, you may share them at will so long as credit is given, the files are not edited and the original link should be used to allow people to update as necessary if they download from other locations.

Important Notice: My mods are made to be compatible with the latest updates. I will not support older versions.

Need Help?

If you have an issue with mods and need help ALWAYS include your game log. Without the log there is simply no way to know what the issue might be.


If for any reason you need to contact us directly please do so via Alex’s public email: sa1981spam@gmail.com

You can also contact me via this page, my Facebook Group, or my Google+ page.
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No. Unfortunately requests are starting to take up way too much of my time and as a result I have decided to stop taking them.

I will however accept requests for custom Stobart names, so long as it’s for a cab that I have previously skinned in Stobart livery. (See Stobart Trucks page.)

All work here is the Interlectual Property of Christopher J. Klavins and is protected under the I.P. Act.
Replicas of real liveries are used under the Creative Commons License.
All mods are used at your own risk.

A Note For OpenGL Users

I am currently in the process of learning to use BlenderTools, assuming that I am successful this should mean my mods will be OpenGL compatible some time in the future. I can’t promise this however.

Converting might not solve all the problems that cause the OpenGL crashes, though I’m really hope it will, as I simply do not have the time right now to remake all the content of the mods from scratch, not to mention that some of the trailers I use are other modders creations.

There is no particular time frame as to when any updates will release, I would like to say in April at the latest for the more popular mods like the Big Stobart Mod but I can’t promise this.

For those that are not aware, I am a beta tester and we are now in a closed beta period. So it is unlikely I will start to work on converting mods for public use until after 1.27 enters public beta.

Nothing is set in stone and no promises are being made here. However the two mods I have been practising on seem to be working just fine with no log errors.

Michelin, Renault Grill, Arjan Eriks

The Renault Magnum painted grill mod has been updated to fix the 4×2 chassis issue preventing it from going under some trailers. Please be aware the scs file has changed names, so do remember to remove the old mod when updating.

I have released a Michelin trailers packs, the mod contains 3 skins. One for the SCS Krone Profiliner, one for the Schwarzmuller DLC Curtain trailer, and a standalone Jumbo trailer. DLC is NOT required for the mod to work.

There are no truck skins as the mod is meant as a complimentary Michelin DLC pack, though this may change in the future.

Arjan Eriks combo has also been released.



Malcolm Truck Skins update

So apparently I completely forgot about updating the Malcolm skins to work with the mighty griffin DLC painted grill.

So for my last update of 2016 I have updated the Malcolm truck skins mod to include the change, but I have also added a new painted grill for my painted intake mod that will be updated in the new year to work with the Streamline trucks.

Below shows my Streamline intake mod and the MG DLC intake.

IJ’s Mods signing off for 2016, enjoy the New Years celebrations and see you in 2017!