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Need Help?

If you have an issue with mods and need help ALWAYS include your game log. Without the log there is simply no way to know what the issue might be.


If for any reason you need to contact us directly please do so via Alex’s public email: sa1981spam@gmail.com

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No. Unfortunately requests are starting to take up way too much of my time and as a result I have decided to stop taking them.

I will however accept requests for custom Stobart names, so long as it’s for a cab that I have previously skinned in Stobart livery. (See Stobart Trucks page.)

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Replicas of real liveries are used under the Creative Commons License.
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Updates and more New-ish things

A new set of updates, first up ATL has been updated to fix an issue with the missing shadow that was causing a log error.

Waberer’s has been updated to fix the advanced coupling collision locator, it was slightly too big and preventing some mod trucks from being able to connect to it.

T.W. Plummer and LTS Distribution have had updates to make them combos with AI traffic and can be found on the appropriate download pages.


Emivas, UKPSG, and Nestlé Updates

The UKPSG mod has been updated for 1.25.x, this update is a compatibility update only. I have bigger plans for this mod, but it will take take, so I thought it best to push out a quick update in the mean time.

Nestlé has had an update to include the Mercedes MP4 paintjob for the player as well as AI traffic.

Emivas has also had an update, the three company trailer skins have been made into standalone trailers, the paintjobs have been remake in 4k, and also include AI combo traffic.


Updates, Templates and New-ish things!

Somewhere along the way (very possibly in 1.25) SCS updated the DAF Euro 6 UVmap to fix a long standing bug.

As a result I have updated the templates in the template pack.

The following DAF skins have also been updated

American Sweets
Mason Bros
Stobart (custom)
Williams Transport
Yorkshire Tea

I was planning on doing a few more updates before releasing the new packs, but since I decided to rush these paintjob fixes out, I will include the latest two updates as well.

First we have an updated Lister of Halifax. Truck skin is now merged with a 2-axle standalone trailer and AI combo.

Next up is Coltons Commercials, includes the standard Coltons skin along with the three Tate & Lyle skins, standalone trailer and AI combo.

Please remember to delete the older packs when updating these mods. 

Money & XP Mods

My ATS Money mod has been updated to include a skin for the W900 for convenience.

Both ATS & ETS2 XP mods have been updated to make sure they are 1.25/1.4 compatible.

Both mods now include a ‘Take my Money’ mod. This is essentially a skin that costs 9 million to help people get rid of money they don’t want.

Mods are open so feel free to change the amounts to suit your needs.