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No. Unfortunately requests are starting to take up way too much of my time and as a result I have decided to stop taking them.

I will however accept requests for custom Stobart names, so long as it’s for a cab that I have previously skinned in Stobart livery. (See Stobart Trucks page.)

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McConaghy Transport & Updates

Originally my plan was to release a couple of new skins/combos along side these mods, however as some of you may know, I have been promoted (much to my genuine surprise) to Senior Beta Tester status.

So I got a little side tracked testing things recently so I decided just to release these now.

First up two bug fixes: AIM Logistics is updated to fix a wrong look error on the AI DAF 105.

HSS has been updated to fix a similar error on one of the trailers.

Fuel Duel has been updated to include AI traffic, please note this is not a combo so will remain on the Truck Skins page.

New to the site is McConaghy Transport. Some of you will know I made The Giant replica nearly two years ago now, but kept it private. I have since decided to release a McConaghy pack. However I have not included the replica of The Giant.

The pack contains two trailers skins using my 2 sided paintable SCS fridge units. A skin for RJL’s Streamline, and a skin for Ohaha’s 2013 Volvo. They will also appear in AI as a combo.


Embargo Lifted

So now that the embargo is lifted, I am going to tell you a few things you might like to know.

Yes there will be multi-pivot points in the ATS Heavy Weight DLC in fact the picture on the blog shows 3.


Will multi-pivots be coming in the with the ETS2 heavy DLC? I honestly don’t know. SCS haven’t said anything about it. I believe the answer might be no. I think they may wait until the FREE Doubles update comes before they enable it in ETS2. I could be wrong.

Other than the DLC, are there other trailers with Steerable Axles? Yes. Currently the Schwarzmuller low bed has a steer axle.

Can steer axles be modded onto other trailers? Yes! It requires you to make new def files for wheels, and add appropriate wheel nodes to the trailer model in Blender Tools.

AI Steer axles? NO! At current time, attempting to add steer axles to AI traffic will result in a game crash. This may change in future, but at this time it is not possible.

How many 8x trucks are there? Four. Both Scanias, Volvo 2012, and Mercedes SLT.

Are there any other additions? Yes. Some nice new heavy haul wheels/hubs and each truck brand has it’s own new heavy haul skin.

Will there be templates? Yes. In fact I’ve already made them, all 4k in size.


New Tutorials

So “Standalone trailers” won the poll by a land slide. So I would like to announce that Standalone trailer tutorial has been added to the Tutorials page.

There is a 2nd video on the page for LOD models as some people were asking specifically how to add a LOD model to a mod that doesn’t have one.

Poll Time

Just a quick poll to see what tutorial you would like to see updated for Blender Tools.

Jazzycat Issues


So the issue is this: promods(Screenshot taken from m1keY’s latest video posted on SCS forum)

As you can see for some reason some prefabs seems to want to spawn random vans none stop. What annoys me more is that this company (in Osnabruck; Germany) is not only spawning multiple clones, but is force spawning a van that shouldn’t even be in that country at all in this case.

At first I thought it was a Promods issue as all the people having the issues were Promod users, when I tested Jazzycat’s mods I had no issues myself and I don’t use Promods any more. So it seemed the logical culprit. However it would seem it is Jazzycat’s AI traffic.

Now here is where it gets odd, there are no shared files in mine/jazzycat mods so there really shouldn’t be a conflict of any kind, however for reasons unknown Jazzycat’s pack will cause the above issue.

The best theory I have is that because jazzycat’s traffic is set to spawn more than mine but set to allow_parked: false that the game just over populates with the next available vehicle.

The solution appears to be to make sure my AI van pack[s] have priority over Jazzycat’s in the mod manager.