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Photo basics: A general rule is to only use images that are a minimum of 700x500px, close up and in focus. If I can’t see it, I can’t copy it. This is particularly important if you want correct fonts used for text.

I simply don’t have time to search for pictures, every time someone asks for a request. If you don’t post any, I simply won’t do it.

3. I will not take requests for skinning other mods, whether these are trailers or trucks. I will only skin standard SCS content by request.

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Painted AI Vans Version 3 Released

Version 3 of my ai vans pack has now been released. The pack contains several Belgian skins and two new UK skins.

The next update will either be version 3.1 and include 2 or 3 more UK skins and some country variants of DHL, TNT and similar. Or it will be version 4 which will include the Scandinavian countries and well as some of the previously mentioned ones. The DLC country skins have already been completed and are ready to go as soon as the DLC hits near the end of April (assuming no delays.)

Now that all default countries are covered, future updates will come at a slower pace.

Here’s a couple of previews, for a full list/previews see the AI vans page and/or the change log.




UKPSG & Video

I’ve released a new update for the UKPSG mod, a couple of skin tweaks and I’ve redone the folder structure so there’s no capital letters, which puts the trailers at the end of the trailer browser list where they should be.

I’ve also uploaded a new video for removing ‘look variants’ for traffic mods.

AI Vans Update.

The first of the week’s (and month I suppose) updates have arrived.

Originally I planned to wait until the end of the week to add the remaining countries, but given that there are a lot of skins I am looking at for Belgium, I decided to release the pack with all the remaining countries except for Belgium.

The current plan is to add two more skins (by request) for the UK pack and all of the Belgium skins I will do by the end of the week. However, given the amount of skins I have found, it could take longer to do them all. At the moment, the Belgium update will be the largest collection after the UK.





switz  slovakia


The Future of the AI Vans Mod

The future of the AI-Van skins is in YOUR hands.

The good news is that each SCS made country on the map, now has at least one skin in the works. But I can’t continue to build on the AI van skins on my own. I am an English man, I know what companies have vans in the UK, but I have never been to mainland Europe, I have never seen what companies have vans with liveries to be skinned, the best I can do for other countries is find government run mail companies because we all know mail delivery is an important part of all developed countries.

If you want to see more vans for other countries, show me what you have. Takes pics with your phones when out and about, give me google street view links to company depots that have something in the yard, even a website link to a company if you know they have vans. Help me to give you a richer experience for your area of the map.

While I know some of the bigger logistics companies like DHL and TNT can be found on the continent, I don’t want to take the cheap route and use the UK skins, if you want to see them, get me a picture of your country’s version with appropriate text in the native language (where applicable.) Once I have updated the mod with the last of the SCS country skins, there will only be one guaranteed update to follow and that will be for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark when the Scandinavian DLC is released. If you want to see updates beyond that, then you’re going to have to help me.



I have added some Italian skins to my private version, they will be included in the Public release coming later next week. Hopefully next week’s update will see most of the remaining countries get at least one skin, although Belgium may have to wait for a later date.

While you wait for the new update here’s what Italy will have to offer.

DHL/YouGo, Poste italiane 2 variants, and SDA Express.