The Big Stobart Mod

The Big Stobart Mod v13.2


There are a selection of Stobart cabs on the “Stobart Truck Skins” page.

The Big Stobart Mod includes multiple Stobart Themed Trailers and Stobart AI traffic truck skins. You can see pictures of the trailers and traffic below.

If you would like to view a full list of changes you can read it here.

All trailer models are either SCS (edited), Smith Engineering (SDC – Highly edited), TZ (Tanker and Jumbos), or Satan (box), the Fridge model is also an edited mod, though I do not recall the original authors.

Please note: This mod is for game version 1.30.x or higher. It will not work on older versions. 

Download Link: Google Drive

Last updated June 26th 2018.

The Trailers

Standard Stobart Livery: Fridge, Box, Curtain.


Classic Stobart Livery: SDC, 2 Curtains.


Current SDC Liveries: Southend, Just Jax x3, Explore, WS.


Walking Floors: Classic Biomass, Stobart Energy, Energy Jockey, Energy Woodfuel, Old Green with classic and current livery.


Tesco Liveries: Less CO2 Rail, Jumbo, Curtain, Aero.


Steady Eddie: Fridge


Fuel: Tanker


Bulk Cargo: Brick Trailer


Malcolm Charity: Fridge


Maddie: Fridge


Motorsport: Tyco, M-Sport


Allports: Curtain


Elite Dreams: Curtain


Driver Training Vehicle: Curtain


Co-Op: Gray & Adams box.


Argos: Argos themed box trailer. (Please note these skins aren’t final)


Stobart AI

This mod also includes painted AI trucks. All trucks are linked with appropriate trailers. So you will only see the Allports truck pull the Allports trailers for example.

All the skins used in this pack are my own work, most of the models in this pack are my own edits based on SCS models unless otherwise stated.

Please Note: The following images are taken from old versions of the mod and may not be 100% accurate to newer models. 

DAF XF 105

Daf XF Classic Livery

A classic DAF livery for the classic trailer.


DAF XF 106

Daf XF Co-Op

A Co-Op DAF and Trailer skin.


Daf XF Tyco

A TYCO skin for DAF with TYCO trailer.

big stobart (2)


Automotive EU Livery

A MAN skins in Automotive Eu livery.


Eddie Stobart Livery

A MAN skins in ESL livery with ADR board.


Mercedes 2009 B Cab

Stobart/Tesco Livery

2 Merc skins in Tesco livery.

ai merc

Mercedes MP4 Gigaspace

Eddie Stobart Livery

A Merc MP4 skins in ESL livery.


Scania Normal (smallest cab)

Eddie Stobart Livery

1 Scania Normal Roof Streamlines (with windkit) skins for L fleet numbers.


Scania Highline

Allports Cargo Livery

1 Scania Highline Streamlines (with Windkit)


Stobart Driver Training

1 Scania Highline Streamline skin for Stobart Driver Training


Stobart Energy

1 Scania Highline Streamlines (with windkit) skins for Stobart Biomass.


Explore Livery

1 Scania Highline Streamline (with Windkit) pulls wall, glass, and floor panels.


big stobart (1)

Eddie Stobart Livery

6 Scania Highline Streamlines (with Windkit)


3 Scania Highlines (without windkit) and ADR board for Stobart Tankers


1 Scania R Highline ESL skin Matilda for Steady Eddie trailer


1 Scania Streamline Highline ESL Skin with Brick Trailer


Stobart Rail Livery

3 Scania Highline R


Oakfield Livery

Scania Highline Oakfiled livery (with Windkit) – Also pulls the logs trailer.


WS Transport

6 Scania Highline Streamlines (with windkit and beacon) for WS Transportation with two unique scania truck transport skins and a WS trailer.



Scania Topline

Eddie Stobart Livery

6 Scania Topline R skins for Stobart, 2 EU and 4 UK skins.


Eddie Stobart Livery Tandem

1 Scania Topline tandem skin.
Tandem model by Flemming Vinge


Elite Dreams Livery

1 Scania Topline R Elite Dreams skin.


M-Sport Livery

2 Scania Topline R M-Sport skins one blue one silver.


Scania R (2016)

Rainbow Valentina

Rainbow Valentina skin for Scania R.


Scania Torpedo

Old Eddie Stobart Livery

1 Scania T livery pulling the old ESL livery.
T model by RJL


Scania Classic

Classic Eddie Stobart Livery

1 Scania 143m livery pulling the old ESL livery.

Many thanks to Ekualizer for giving me permission to use his mod.


Volvo 2009

Debbie ESL Livery

1 skin ‘Debbie’ for the charity trailer. Model number plate removed to force correct one for the skin.


ESL Livery

4 ESL skins for the Volvo 2009


Classic ESL Livery

1 skin ‘Amber Stefani’ for the classic[2] trailer.


Volvo 2012

Biomass Livery

2 biomass skins for Volvo 2012 Globetrotter XL


Eddie Stobart Livery

6 ESL skins for Volvo 2012 Globetrotter XL



64 thoughts on “The Big Stobart Mod

    • No sorry. The AI buses aren’t skin-able like the playable trucks are, while it is possible to do it would require some remodelling in a 3d program which is beyond my skill level. If you already have a bus mod, I could take a look at that and see if I could skin it. But I certainly won’t be able to make a bus.

  1. Could you maybe do some more Mods like this but maybe include stuff like the Shell tankers and stuff, like a mixed mod for lots of different haulage companies. Thanks!

  2. Hi can i ask what font you use to name the stobart trucks? i have a Stobart Tcab and want to put my daughters name on it but cant find the green with gold highlighted font… if you would kindly drop me an email that would be great… Thanks Glenn (

  3. Hello. Great mod. Is there anyway you could edit the (bio mass trailer)? The real trailer has a ladder front. Not a refrigerated front. Thank you very much.

    • When the next patch is released it will be adding mid-lift/tag-axel variants which will make GT-Mike’s mod incompatible with the game.

      Once the game patch is released and (if) GT-Mike updates his mod I will take a look at it then.

  4. hello all.
    great mod, but theres one little probram, when i clicked the link for the dropbox, i downloaded the mod but all i got in the file was 3 text files. no *.scs file(s)
    just thought i would let you know

    • Then you’re most likely using a mod that is overwriting the company. As the page says, it replaces Stokes.

      Some map mod (like Promods) have unneeded files that overwrite company names. Try renaming the mod so the name starts with zzz this should make it load last.

  5. For some reason, the ai Stobart trailers are being pulled by unbranded/not livered tractor units. This is happening with all of IJ’s painted ai truck packs. Any ideas.

    The ai painted vans are ok…

  6. I too seem to have problems as the chap above with the AI trucks and the trailers. I have restarted a new profile with some of the other company mods you have provided turned off. Is the AI Compatible with promods and is there a specific order it should be in mod manager? Thanks

  7. I cant find the stobart trailer skin for flemming tandem mod ..
    The old trailer skin on the ijsmods page couldn’t find it..
    Can anybody give me the trailer skin to replace the flemming model ?

    I appreciate it .

      • I don’t support old versions for normal mods, I simply don’t have the space to store multiple versions of everything and keeping old versions updated would mean constantly downgrading the game to check they work.

        If you have the Steam version of the game you can always get it from the Workshop. The workshop includes both the 1.23 version and the 1.24 version currently.

  8. Love your mods and using a lot of them including the Truck skins. Is there a specific loading priority order that i should have this set to when using other mods such as Jazzycats’s trailers skins packs and Ai truck packs? initially i was seeing lots of Stobart trailers but after loading other mods i don’t see any Stobart trailers now. they are still loaded and i can view them in the trailer viewer so i’m assuming its a load order,

    • Unless jazzycat is using my custom folder structures, then load order shouldn’t matter. The more ai you have the less likely something specific will load. You can always try load order, but I don’t think it will make much difference

  9. Can you collect the tesco 2 trailer or is it just al, it shows up in the about trailers section but can’t find it on the jobs section.

    • If it shows up in about trailers then they are for the player. Ai only trailers don’t show there.

      The new version coming after game version 1.25 releases has dune tweaks that will make it easier to get the rarer trailers.

  10. Hi, just wondering would it be possible to make a Sarannah Kate named Scania in the Eddie Stobart livery. Its a real truck and also my sisters name. Many Thanks 🙂

  11. Is there only certain countries the Stobart AI traffic appears in? I am also only seeing some AI traffic spawn and not all. Previous BSM versions they spawned all over did they not?

  12. Don’t want to make a fuss alarm you or annoy you or even waist your time but i can’t find the skins anywhere in the game the mods is active and at the top of the modslist please help if any one can many thanks. ❤ ❤ P.S its looks great

  13. any chance we can get a standard Stobart SDC Curtainsider without the advert on the back door and just Eddie Stobart Name on back??

  14. What a brilliant set of mods you’ve created here. I’m so glad I found this site. One question regarding this trailer pack is it compatible with Jazzycats painted trailer mods and other trailer and company name mods?

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