How The Hell Do you Skin The New Trucks?

So a lot of people are unable to fully skin the new Scanias, in most cases it’s because they rely on 3rd party tools that no longer work.

I have made an example set up that has both Scania R (normal skin) and Scania S (metallic skin) set ups for those of you who struggle.

Example Files: Click Here

My Templates: Click Here


Rainbow Valentina Release

Okay so for those of you who are taking part in the 1.30 Open Beta, Rainbow Valentina on the Scania R 2016 has now been released and included in the Stobart Replica Skins pack on the appropriate page.

The BSM Update is 99.99% complete, but I won’t be updating it during open beta.


This update also includes the Scania Driver Training Livery.


New Scania 2016 Templates

So most of you should know by now that ETS2 1.30 Open Beta is now out and as many of you hoped, it does indeed include the new Scanias.

What you won’t be aware of is that the new Scanias use a new paint system for accessory parts. Some of you may struggle to adapt as tools like ETS2 Studio simply will not work with it.

The good news is I already have templates made for both S and R and they can be found here.

These templates are temporary, but I feel they are complete.

For those wanting to know about Rainbow Valentina, yes she will be added the the Stobart Skin packs as soon as I have finished tweaking some files (skin is already made).

Here’s a sneak peak.  rain

ATS AI Vans Updated

The AI vans have been updated to include New Mexico and Global Mills skin. Please be aware that Global Mills skin is not final and will be updated in the future.

When I remembered I would have to update the mod for 1.29 to add New Mexico traffic file I decided to rush out a quick skin as well.

Carlile has also been updated for NM and added additional SCS cargos.


Fuel Tanker Mod Updated

So back in July it would appear the wrong version of the mod was updated. Somehow a version without Certas was uploaded from “July 3rd” where as it should have been my “July 16th” version.

I’ve updated the mod as 2.1 with the date as July 16th. This is the latest version of the mod and the one that should have been released back in July.

It’s also been brought to my attention that the coupling is an issue. Now I am unable to replicate this problem, so it is possible that is also fixed in this build. As such I have decided to push the update out rather than hold off until the pack had an AI combo.

SDC Mod Updates

As mentioned in the previous blog post, I have finished updating all the mods containing SDC trailers, with the exception of the BSM which is undergoing a bigger update.

The list of updated mods is as follows:

Brooks Bros
MP Burke
PSG & Defunct

More Updates

So remember when I said I would update my mods for A: The new MG painted Scania intake and B: My painted intake mod for Streamline?

Yeah I never finished updating. Well now I have.

The following mods have all been updated for painted intakes, some are for the official MG DLC intake, some are for my Streamline intake, a couple are for both.

AW Jenkinson
PC Hamilton
Spiersa & Hartwell
Stobart (Public Customs)
Wyvern Cargo (also fixed missing MAT file for shop icon.)

Please note: Stobart main pack and Malcolm still need to be finished and will be done at a later date.

Also note that I am planning on retiring the ex-Stobart skin pack.