Updates and Fixes

AM Howie updated for look error in log.
B&Q removed old company file (caused sanbuilders to be out of alphabetical order in job list).
Dicken’s Cider 1.31 udpate
Dilligaf Haulage – made combo.
Graphics Packaging – added 0 spawn ratio to prevent spawning in wrong countries.
Big Stobart Mod – removed non-fridge cargo from Maddie trailer.



1.31 updates: B Part 2


The B updates are now complete for 1.31.

B&Q – Now a full combo with AI (previously just trailer)
Banks of England
Blair International
Borje Jonsson
Boyes – Now includes AI truck
Brooks Bros
Big Stobart Mod (workshop version will come as soon as I can be bothered)

ETS2 1.31 Might Griffin DLC

So with 1.31 just around the corner and the MG DLC update coming with it (and yes the embargo has been lifted now) I have some choices to make regarding my Scania Accessory Pack.

With the DLC comes the Scania Painted Logo, I have already taken the decision to remove this from my mod. However I have a contingency in place to prevent issues/log errors.


The logo will be removed for sale in the shop and, as you can see above, the model has been replaced. Aside from the fact that I want to help support SCS and their DLC, there is a good reason for me to want to remove it and ask people to use the DLC. If I had kept the logo I would have felt the need to support all of SCS paintjobs as well, which if you’re not aware means over 800 def files for the S/R Scanias.

This brings me to the next issue, do I continue to support the full painted mirrors? When I first made the mirrors there was no MG DLC, but late into development GT-Mike/Wolfi requested them and they have been officially added to the DLC. So what do I do?

Do I keep my mirrors in and include the the 970 def files for SCS skins? Do I keep the mirrors for custom skins but refuse to support the SCS skins? Do I remove the mirrors completely?

If I decide to remove the mirrors completely, it will be done in a similar fashion as the logo. I will keep some kind of model in the game, but make it unusable (functionality wise) to force people to sell the part. I really don’t know what to do with the mirrors.

Important Version 9.0 Notes:

Other things to note in regards to the Scania Accessory Pack are the new format the mod will take. The main mod will continue as normal, but because of the new painted bottom bars those of you who own the MG DLC will be required to use the MG DLC compatibility pack.

Some of the parts have certain requirements for bumper and front fender that require me to include custom def files for the DLC parts. If you own the DLC but don’t use the compatibilty pack then certain MG DLC parts will be missing for you while using those painted bottom bars.

Likewise because of a game limitation, if you want to have paint job compatibility with SCS paint jobs with my painted parts there are extra files required. One for the Scania R and one for Scania S (combined for Workshop users). This optional pack has def files for enabling compatibility.

Both offline and workshop versions will be updated once ETS2 1.31 is publicly available.

So um hey…

It’s February, due to life and illness, things have been a bit slow lately. But I’m not dead (yet).

I’m working on a big update for the Scania Painted Accessory Pack which will be released when 1.31 goes public. In the mean time ATS has seen a bit of love with the Sargento mod getting a much needed updated.

First up I have added skins for the T680 and 579, as well as support for GTM’s T610 mod and the T680 also has custom mudflaps.

The trailer has been reworked from scratch and an AI version of the T680 added to make a full combo.

Please note: Sargento mod is Steam Workshop only.