Basic tips and tricks for building a healthy fleet.

1. Take advantage of driving for other companies before buying your own truck. Many people are seemingly in a rush to buy their first truck. But my suggestion is to stay in other’s employment until you have built up some of your stats. The first thing to focus on is getting max on Eco driving.

Fuel is an obvious money stealer, so build up your Eco driving skill before buying your own truck. Remember you are reimbursed fuel cost when driving for another company, so work on your Eco Driving skill first. That way, when you do buy your first truck, you are minimising money loss over fuel.


2. After your first compulsory delivery, look for local deliveries to quickly build cash. For example; a London to London delivery. Now you’re probably thinking: “They only offer £300” this is true, but for less than a 1 minute drive for something just around the corner, you are getting good money and if you park trailers manually some good XP as well. While it may seem the better option to work on long distance, what people often forget is that just because it’s more money per job, the distance and time taken can often be less than 3 local jobs that take the same time to complete.


3. Damage & fines. All damage to the truck will be paid for by the company who hires you, you only lose money/XP for damage to the trailer/goods. So if you do have an accident, don’t pull into a garage to fix it unless you have to. Calling for assistance is also covered by the hiring company.

If you haven’t modded the fines a collision will cost you £400 – depending on your wage that can be nearly 1/4 of your pay at the start. Expect the AI to do stupid things and drive accordingly.


4. The bank. Don’t use it. In the early days, an £80,000 loan will cost you nearly every penny you make on deliveries. Just don’t do it until your daily income is consistantly over £2,500 (so you can pay the daily repayment AND still make just under £200.)


5. Once you have your Eco stats sorted start looking at building the rest up one by one. But leave the ADR ones for the time being. I would suggest getting your first long distance star, then working on fragile/high value and Just in time deliveries. Once you have opened up your second long distance and have at least one star in everything but ADR – now is the time to focus on a new truck & upgrading your garage.


6. Your first truck. While working on your skills, you were of course earning money. By now you should be close to being able to afford your first truck. The DAF and Iveco are the cheapest models and cost less than 80,000. At this time I would say earn the money rather than using a loan and save the loan expenses for upgrading the garage.

With your first truck you really want to stay bog standard. Don’t forget you may be able to save £500 by picking the cheapest paint job. You may want to consider upgrading the engine (if you have leveled up enough or are using a no level limit mod.)

Slowly start building up your funds by either working on your “just in-time” or “long distance” skills.


7. Upgrading the garage. The first garage update is going to cost you 144,000. So make sure you have plenty of funds. Once you have about 80,000 saved again and if you’re constantly making over 2,500 a day you might want to consider the 80,000 bank loan at this point to buy the first upgrade. Why buy this now? It’s better to buy the garage early, so that when you eventually come to hiring a driver and buying a second truck, everything else is ready and waiting for you.


8. New drivers. Before hiring a new driver, you want to have earned enough money for another truck, preferablly paid off your loan or at least be making £3,000+ daily. In the early days your driver may cost you more money than they actually make, so you need to be making a daily profit of at least £500 after all expenses so that you cover any costs they incur, particularly if they don’t find a return job.

As you did with yourself, it is better to work on your AI driver’s Eco driving first. Since they will often find no return jobs it will minimise expenses on fuel and you will lose less overall when this happens.


9. New drivers & their trucks. At this point you have to ask yourself, do you want to buy your AI driver a new truck or give them your upgraded one? Which ever route you decide to take, I recommend sticking with the same method of buying a basic truck and slowly upgrading it using your previous jobs pay.

And never, ever take the risk of filling up your garage with new drivers all at once. They will suck money out of your business faster than you can earn it. Using the method of slowly upgrading a truck before buying a new one, allows your newest driver to increase their stats and start making continual profits before you get a new driver who will cost money again in the early day.


10. Don’t upgrade all garages to max. You don’t need to have max garages everywhere. Think about location. In my case, my starting garage was in Sheffield. This is upgraded fully. My second garage was in Amsterdam, this is a three man garage and will remain that way. I then bought a garage at the furthest point on the map in Bratislava and slowly upgraded this one to maximum. I then bought one at the southern most point in Turino and some time later one in the middle in Kassel.

While upgrading to take advantage of cheaper fuel is always an option, you don’t necessarily have to max out on drivers. If your drivers all have full Eco stats they won’t cost as much fuel wise, so you should be able to stay making a weekly profit without the additional expensive of more drivers.


11. New garages. When opening a new garage it is highly suggested that you relocate a driver to the new garage and put your newest driver in an established garage. My Kassel garage makes a daily profit of £5,000 with one driver that is experienced. Where as one with a new driver would be losing money per week.


Following this plan I have continually had money (never had to use a loan other than my first garage upgrade, though if you’re more patient than me you don’t ever need a loan) and never found myself in trouble by having too many company drivers losing me money. My drivers are constantly bringing in money that totals over £83,000 a day without me having to do anything.

In the few short months since writing this, I now have close to 20 million, all my garages are fully upgraded (to make use of fuel prices).


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