Other Mods

Other Mods

A collection of other mods that don’t fit into the Company or Truck skin mods.

Stobart PSD Files

A gift for the community – these PSD files are my Stobart skins for the main trucks Stobart have/do use. Feel free to use and share them as you see fit. It would be nice if credit was given when used/shared.

Download link: Google Drive

Red Dwarf Flags

This mod is a set of (19) Red Dwarf themed flags for the new window flags DLC. Please note, that I made these purely for myself, but I have chosen to release them publicly. They might not be to my usual quality.

Flags include 4 variations of the Jupiter Mining logo, two versions of the Red Dwarf Logo, two Canaries themed ones, Starbug, Blue Midget, 5 H (hologram) logos, a Munchkin, and Mr Flibbles. The two not pictured are the Polymorph Acronym for Rimmer’s ‘Committee’ and “I am a Fish!” flags.

Please note: Two of the contained in this pack could be considered PG13 content do to language in the acronyms. For those not familiar with Red Dwarf, the acronyms are:
Committee for the
Liberation and
Integration of
Organisms and their



Download link: Google Drive


Yorkshire Rose Back LED

It’s Yorkshire Day (August 1st) so here, have a Yorkshire Rose LED for the back of the truck.


Download link: Google Drive

Mercedes MP4 Paintable AI Truck Traffic

This is a main and LOD model for the Mercedes Gigaspace MP4 for AI traffic. There are three skin slots available, but if you have any blender knowledge you can always add/remove looks as required. All the def files are included and set up so all you need to do is add skins and wrap it in an scs file.

The set up is 4×2 chassis with sideskirt, plastic mirrors, and the default sunshield.

I would suggest that you rename the def files and things to something more appropriate to you. Obviously if you plan to release the mod publicly you MUST rename the files and import/export the blender models with unique folder structures to avoid mod clashes with other public mods based on this model template.

Download link: Google Drive


Scania Painted Accessory Pack (1.31+)

All the intakes are all in one pack and purchasable in the shop.

There are currently four versions for Scania 2012. The no lights, 3 stobart lights, V shaped lights, and custom light node options. The Scania R 2012 model also includes the custom mirrors.

This mod has been updated to include Scania 2016 stock grill with nodes and various painted options.


For Game Version 1.31.x and above only.

Templates for this mod are now included with the main template pack.
Scania 2016 templates are here: click to download

Download links: Google Drive
Steam Workshop Main Mod Link
Steam Workshop MG Compatibility Link
Steam Workshop SCS Paints Compatibility Link

Please Note: This is the last update (June 14th) this mod will receive on the blog. Future version of this mod will be Steam Workshop only. 


paintgrill pack

Renault Magnum Painted Grill Mod

The Magnum mod allows the front grill to be painted. The mod was originally made by szeryff123 – However I have updated it to allow it to work on patch version 1.17+

This mod is compatible with game versions 1.31.x and newer only. 

Download Link: Google Drive


Renault Premium Mod

This mod gives you a paintable sunvisor and paintable front grill. The templates for this are included in my SCS Template Pack.

This mod is compatible with game versions 1.31.x and newer only. 

Download Link: Google Drive


Skinning Templates

This rar file will contain all the templates required for skinning your own trucks.

Download LinkGoogle Drive


There are 2 different hotels in ETS2, I have two different skins for each of them. You can use one mod from Hotel 1 & one from Hotel 2 at the same time.

Hotel 1: Please only use Premier Inn or Ibis Budget. You cannot use both at the same time.

Premier Inn: Google Drive


Ibis Budget: Google Drive


Hotel 2: Please only use Holiday Inn or Days Inn. You cannot use both at the same time.

Holiday Inn: Google Drive


Days Inn: Google Drive


Gas Stations

There are three gas stations in ETS2 in three different sizes. Instead of having a standard pack of three, I have decided to release them as individual skins per gas station so you can choose what you want for each one as I have done with the Hotels. Each pack contains all three sizes in the chosen livery.

You can use one mod from each pack number together, but not two from the same pack number.

If you update to the new mods, do remember to delete the old gas station mod. 

Gas Station Pack 1

Texaco: Google Drive

Shell1: Google Drive

Shell2: Google Drive

Maxol: Google drive

Esso: Google Drive

BP: Google Drive

Statoil: Google Drive

Gas Station Pack 2

Texaco: Google Drive

Shell1: Google Drive

Shell2: Google Drive

Maxol: Google Drive

Esso: Google Drive

BP: Google Drive

Statoil: Google Drive

Gas Station Pack 3

Texaco: Google Drive

Shell1: Google Drive

Shell2: Google Drive

Maxol: Google Drive

Esso: Google Drive

BP: Google Drive

Statoil: Google Drive








The Space

Download Link: Google Drive


Money and XP Cheat

This mod is intended for those people who want to quickly boost their stats/money, it’s very useful for modders who use test profiles and want access to all accessory parts and money to buy them.

This mod changes three things: First it adds a paint job that gives you about £9,000,000 when you buy it. The skin is available for ALL trucks for convenience.  Simply go into the paint shop, select the skin and buy it and you should be credited 9 million.

It also adds a paint job that COSTS you about £9,000,000 when you buy it. The skin is available for ALL trucks for convenience.  Simply go into the paint shop and buy it.

This also changes the XP you get for parking the trailer manually, instead of the 45xp you will now get about 45,665xp.

Google Drive

This XP mod is only compatible with patch 1.30.x and above.

No Yawn

Silence: I finally got fed up of the annoying yawning sound and have replaced the yawn with silence.

This mod will only clash with other no yawn mods.  

Download Link: Google Drive

Chimes: An alternate version of my no yawn mod. Instead of silence, this one uses a quiet wind chime sound. Useful if you hate the yawn noise, but still want an audio warning that you need to rest.

This mod will only clash with other no yawn mods.

Download Link: Google Drive

Double Deck Trailer Update

Several people on my FB group were complaining about this mod was no longer compatible with the game as of update 1.16, I have updated the model and made it a standalone trailer.

Please note: the original model belongs to Kevin Devine, who gave permission for this version to be released. Full credits can be found in the read me.

As this is a standalone trailer, it may cancel your current job and return you to your main depot. 

This mod is now only compatible with update 1.19x and above.

Download Link: Google Drive


IJ’s Engine Pack

Several people were disappointed when I stopped updating the engine pack, so here is an updated version.

As before the mod includes slightly more powerful engines for all trucks (except Mercedes MP4), it also includes the alternate grill colour mod for the Volvo 2012 default engines.

This mod is now only compatible with update 1.31 and above.

Download Link: Google Drive



27 thoughts on “Other Mods

  1. No Yawn – That yawn has always annoyed me but I never got around to sorting it. No need now, thanks to you. Currently trying the “chimes”, but if that gets annoying then there is the “Silence” option. Many thanks

  2. if you with make a small correct in double deck “v1.19 and later”…

    “This standalone trailer is only compatible with game version (((1.149x))) and higher, it will not work on 1.18x or older. “

    • It’ll have to stay like that. Sadly that file is in every mod with a standalone trailer, but I think most people can guess I meant 1.19 based on the file name.

  3. hi again, IJ.

    I bought some DLCs skin but many are not correct with Maghetto’s Scania. Even some that I think are default like Heavy Duty skins are not ok… flags, Russian, Raven, Country Flags … none of them are correct.

    You can improve or the intention is that this Scania has only few skins?


    • DLC/SCS skins have never worked with the painted grill mod because it doesn’t support UVmap002.

      SCS make all their skins on UVmap002 only because it’s quicker for them. Most modders only use UVmap001 because you can’t use text on UVmap002.

  4. Hello there IJ,

    No Yawn,
    I downloaded the wind chimes version a week or so now and oh my what a huge difference it has made when driving to the limit and works when placed anywhere in a huge list of mods i am running
    Thank you.

    Helping hand,
    As a sliver surfer Ex night Trunker “Tuffnells” left due to ill health, through your tutorials i am very slowly learning how to make my own (personal) mods skinning but i can’t seem to find any thing on how to put the add-ons, the red dots to say My MPIV Gigaspace when i find any unlocked public add-ons files.

    Could you please point me to the right person or website which could help me, again thank you and sorry if this is not the right place to ask.

    • The add-on nodes have to be added in the truck model. Add-on mods are useless to you if your truck model doesn’t have the appropriate nodes in the pmd.

      Not something I can help, I would suggest asking on the official scs forum, there are quite a few people on there that should have an idea.

    • It would be possible, but it would be a lot of work to do. Because the streamline has different grills based on engine type, it’s not as simple as the old R. For the old truck it’s just a case of changing the one already on the truck.

      For the Streamline it would require either replacing all engine variants and grill, or making new engines and linking the grill just to those engines (probably the easier way). But which ever way you go about it, there is still the issue of the template. The space where the grill mapping would normally go, is taken up by the aero kit of the Streamline Highline. As a result it makes making it properly and keeping the scaling accurate near impossible if you want to keep the skin template the same as the SCS one for the other parts.

      If you really want a Streamline with painted grill I would suggest taking a look at RJL’s Scania R/S modifications. They are standalone models (don’t replace SCS model) but they come with the appropriate templates.

      I may consider trying a Streamline painted grill mod at some point, it’s just a matter of deciding which would be the easiest way to do it and how to place it on the template. Whatever I do it would be a lot of work since my Blender skills aren’t the best.

  5. A very good afternoon Dark Matter,
    I was wandering if you could possibly create a program to increases the amount of traffic – not just in the City, also going from A to B. Most of the programs out there only increase the traffic density in built up areas. So could you increase the amount of BOTH truck and car traffic on the roads and motorways.
    Many thanks
    ps. keep up the good work – as I am a big fan of yours.

    • There is no way to specify traffic locales, if a mod increases the traffic then it increases it everywhere.

      You notice it more in cities because of the junctions/traffic lights and the greater amount of spawn points. Where as on motorways there’s only a few places that can spawn vehicles and it’s always moving so it never backs up to cause jams.

      There is a mod on my facebook group that increases traffic by hour of day, however it won’t be posted here because it uses code that isn’t official and thus could stop working with any game update.

  6. This might make me look really stupid but I cant seem to find the Stobart wheels. Am I blind or have they been moved/removed.

  7. Hi there, greetings from Germany. I really like your mods, especially the BSM, but the new intake mod is a bit too much in my opinion. Not the mod itself but the details e.g. the multiple nodes. Three layers… really? A little bit less is more, if you know what i mean. But this is only a suggestion, but maybe you think over it. Thanks a lot for doing your modworks and please, keep on modding!


  8. Hi. I downloaded the Scania2016 with custom painted options. I made skins for the S and R but that small part behind the window annoyed me. It was always black so this mod was the answer. I painted all parts that I wanted to paint and I started to skin like I always did. ETS2 studio, select truck, made modfolder and after that I went to the rename part. All is done and the next thing I see is that the part behind the window is still black. Can anyone tell me what I have to do different in order to make it function? Thanks for the help

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