ATS SCS Vans Updated

Some time ago I started working on some new skins for the ATS van pack. Blender Tools has reinvigerated my desire to mod. As a result six new companies have been added. TidbiT which was previously missing is added, and 5 of the smaller companies seen on the city building prefabs have been added.



Final Main Updates (give or take one)

So the main bulk of the mods are now updated through Blender Tools. As a reminder, the reason I have done these updates even though I previously made the mods 1.27 compatible is because BT allows full compatibility with OpenGL.

There are still more mods to update, but these are minor updates such ass the odd accessory in smaller packs. I am aware the Big Malcolm Mod hasn’t been updated yet, it’s a rather large mod and is taking a bit more time than I planned, hence why I decided to release the last batch with out it.

Final Mods Update:

PSG & PSG Defunct
Thompson Plant Hire
Trailer Training
TW Plummer
Whyte Crane Hire
Williams Transport
Wyvern Cargo
Yorkshire Tea (and remember to enable the other 3 AI skins.)

16 more updates

The penultimate batch of Blender Tools update mods are now live.

Updated mods are:
RR Trans
SBS Movers
PC Hamilton
Spiers & Hartwell

Red Dwarf trailer
Michelin Trailer & Skins

The final batch of 14 will go live sometime over the weekend. It’s possible that the PSG and Malcolm mod will not be included, I intend to do additional work with those mods. It depends on how quickly I can get through the other 12 mods as to whether all 14 come together or not.

New Tutorial Added

Another tutorial has been added to the main tutorials page. It is a video tutorial for what to do when you encounter material/texture import issues after converting a mod previously made with B2scs into BlenderTools.

Mod Update situation: I currently have 25 mods left to go through for Blender Tools. I can almost see an end! 😀

Tutorial Page Changes

For any one visiting the site today, you will have noticed the Tutorials page has had a few changes.

All tutorials relating to Blender using the defunct Blender2SCS plug-in have been moved to the Legacy page. This can be found under the main Tutorials menu or via the Tutorials page as a link at the top.

I’ve also added my first quick video for Blender Tools for adding advanced coupling nodes to trailers.