Borje Jonsson Mercedes

Another skin from my MPIV special requests done and released. Please read the warning on the download page.



Tesco Sellplan replacement update

A quick update to the Tesco Sellplan company replacement to update the trailer skin. The back doors of the trailer were a quick job until I could find a reference shot for what it looks like.

I was able to take a photo yesterday and have now updated the skin to match the real trailer design on the back.


Stobart Merc and Canute

Okay so somewhere along the way I made a slight error with the Canute Wilkinson LOD update. 34y

It could just be me, but I don’t think the wheels are supposed to be there. This should now be fixed.

In other news, I have waded through nearly 20 Stobart requests (some dupes) via various means and have picked four randomly plus an additional 5th I wanted. The solo versions can be downloaded below for a short time. All skins are included in the Truck Pack.

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Robert Summers & Renault Magnum Grill

As you may remember I had to remove the paintable Renault Grill mod (by szeryff123) because it caused game crashes after update 1.17 due to the Renaults being given additional chassis variants.

Since szeryff123  doesn’t appear to have updated the mod, I have decided to do it myself. It is now available for download on the “other mods” page.

We also have a new Mercedes skin, Robert Summers for the BigSpace cab.