DAF Euro 6 Template V2

Just to note the templates for the new DAF have been updated to for the changes in today’s (Friday 31st) patch.

They have remapped the mirrors so that they do not overlap the top of the truck doors.


Coltons/Tate & Lyle Update

I finally got around to fixing the Colton’s and Tate & Lyle tyre issue. For those that don’t know, there was a layer that made the tread of the tyres look like they had cling film over the top of them. This was due to the alpha layer.

I have now corrected this issue and the tyres should appear correctly now.

Standalone Trailer Tutorial Update

With the update to 1.14 the standalone trailer tutorial video became obsolete. Anyone looking for it yesterday will probably have noticed it was removed from the site.

Today I have made a new video that is fully up to date and I have finished writing the written version as well. I am quite glad that I never finished writing it before, would have been a bit annoyed had I finished writing out the cargo aspect just to have to redo it. Either way the written tutorial is now 100% complete.

The video is still rendering but I hope to have it uploaded before 6pm GMT.