Stobart Biomass – New Livery

Debbie Elizabeth – H8343 in the new Biomass Renewable Energy livery.

Same name on both Scania R & Streamline Highlines. The “correct” version is the Streamline, however I made it for the R model as well for those that want it with the painted grill.



6 thoughts on “Stobart Biomass – New Livery

      • The scania v4 mod is required for the painted grill, it can be found on the Other Mods page.

        I only works with the old R model though, not the Streamline.

      • can you make for streamline please? because in the real life, there are no any stobart new biomass scania with normal or topline cab!(there just have highline)
        or you can make this skin for 50k scania
        another problem, i have downloaded the v4 mod and the grill is painted. but there is a bug inside the interior, can you give me the link of v4 which you are using? thanks!

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