Dear Alex Tatters

If you are going to try and steal my skins, I should probably tell you now: My initials are on all my skins.


Minor updates and Plans

First up there are some minor updates to the Shell and Texaco tanker skins. tex shell


Then some time before the 13th Jan there will be a TNT skin, a ParcelForce skin, and an Esso skin; not sure for which companies at this time though ParcelForce will likely be on Trameri.

Shortly after I will be looking at releasing version 0.6 of the Big Stobart Mod.

LA Green and Stobart Streamline

First up we have two Volvos (classic and new) based on the Scania LA Green Haulage by request.



We also have a Scania Streamline Stobart skin. It was asked about earlier and as it turns out, I’d already made it and simply forgot about it.

Hayley Grace – H6772


Three Updates

Firstly; I have updated the model of the Red Bull trailer. Whoever made adjusted the model for ETS2 forgot to put the licence plate on correctly. For some reason it was near the back wheels so it didn’t appear in game. I have fixed this issue and updated the mod.

Secondly; somewhere along the way, SCS altered the Renault Magnum side skirts. I have adjusted the template and added it to the templates.rar file.

My Pollock Magnum has also been updated to fix the side-skirt change.