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If you are looking for a specific livery/company mod, let me know which game company you would like it to replace. If the company you want created is a real world company, please remember to link me to pictures of their current trailers. I am personally based in Great Britain, so for companies in other parts of Europe/world I will not be familiar with. While a google search will find me pictures of their company/logo and some trailers, I won’t know whether these are new or old. So any new images are a must if you want accuracy.

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Trailer Updates

I’ve been working on some of the standalone trailers in order to fix the “vanishing wheel” issue that some may have. Basically some parked trailers will have invisible wheels until you get closer to them, this is very easy to spot on trailers that I originally made using ETS2 Studio when I was learning how to do it for myself.

Mods that have been updated for this issue:

Asda 2
Big Malcolm Mod
Marshalls (with Cargo)

Unfortunately the Malcolm Cancer trailers is a 3rd party trailer which does not have any LOD files. This means I cannot fix the issue of invisible wheels for that trailer.

It’s worth noting that the Big Stobart Mod will also need updating to correct the issue on some trailers, however I don’t have the time tonight to do that.

P & C Hamilton Updates

First up the PC Hamilton company mod and DAF truck skin have been updated.

The trailer has been updated so that the correct fonts are now used.

The DAF has been updated to give a subtle metallic look on the darker blue areas, the fonts have also been updated.

Two Scania skins have also been made and are included in the mod with the DAF.

The dark blue base colour for the DAF/Scania has been left open so you can play with how dark the blue is to suit your preference.


Mail Company: Poll

Some time ago I made myself a UK Mail Mod which I called UK Postal Service Group which replaces Trameri in game.

It essentially uses a bunch of stand alone trailers with liveries of mail related groups.

So far the companies I have on it are

APC Overnight
City Link
DHL Frozen
Parcel Force
Royal Mail
White Arrow

So the question is, should I make it a public release? This poll is to gauge the interest in such a mod.

Feel free to reply with any additional mail related companies might make good additions to it should it be released publicly.


Second BSM Update

Additional update for BSM SDC Trailer.

The reason for this update is down to how the SDC Trailer was modelled by Smith Engineering.

There’s several files that the game reads for the trailer, one of these is the plain.dds. Some of the content of this file is also on the company dds and sdc.dds files. For what ever reason, sometimes the game will load the content on the new/company dds and other times it will use the plain.dds file. There is no rhyme or reason as to which it will chose to load, so I have done my best to make sure the content that both files share are the same. This is the last update for the BSMin regards to the SDC skin, how it is now will be how it will remain. It’s a minor issue that relates to the same parts as I mentioned yesterday.

For those of you who updated yesterday, I apologise for the inconvenience of doing so again. Had I realised last night what the issue was, I wouldn’t have released the 1.0.2 updated when I did.

Big Stobart Mod & McIntyre Updates


First up the Big Stobart Mod has been updated to fix a skin error on the SDC trailer. It’s a minor update and most people probably didn’t notice in game. If you really want to see what it is, open the trailer in the Trailer Browser and look at the front. The front skirt and TIR badge were missing.


The Wilson McIntyre truck and trailer (Transinet replacement) have also been updated. I have finally got the Monotype Script (Script MT) Font that they use so I have now updated the font on both truck and trailer to use this. I have also created a new Celtic Circle logo that is more accurate to the one they use than the previous one I found via Google Images.