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Scania T Stobart & PCHamilton Skins

Both of these skins are made to work with the Scania T mod by RJL/Fordsonmies. In both cases these skins are made as replicas and as such are designed for specific parts to be used when painted. Please read the “correct parts” file included in the rar file to set up the trucks appropriately. Deviations may cause problems with how the painted areas look.

First up the classic Stobart T Cab – H777 Kerry Jane. Normal cab with spoilers. (please note this is NOT part of the Stobart Truck pack.)

The red/amber line on the bonnet is stretched due to the truck model, there is nothing I can do to fix that.



PC Hamilton Topline Scania T.






BSM Updated



So I have had to update again due to the white Tesco trailer. The LOD had an issue that caused the parked AI trailer to vanish at certain distances.

Part of the reason that this trailer has been a bit of a pain is due to the fact it is a trailer that has been updated for two older games to ETS2 by other people. Blender is a bit funny with the model so there’s very specific things I need to do in Blender to make it work properly in game, that I don’t have to do with standard SCS models. Since I hadn’t used the trailer model in a while I had forgotten what needed to be done.

Unfortunately some issues only show up in certain situations, so it some times involves a lot of play time to notice these issues. I routinely check my game logs and that is how I spotted this issue.

If you think it’s annoying having to update your mod for fixes, imagine how it must be for me thinking I have fixed something and then a week later realising there was another issue that didn’t show up earlier. From what I can tell, all issues with the trailer have now been fixed and I sincerely hope I will not need to do anything else with it (as quite frankly the trailer is starting to piss me off.)


New Stobart Trucks

Four new skins added to the Stobart Trucks page (both separately and as part of the pack.)


Richard Mille – Because SCS didn’t include the windkit for the R highline I chose to do the Gallega H5740 replica on the streamline and a custom (Shergar H1978) on the R Topline.

The smarter ones amongst you might be able to figure out why I called the custom Shergar. ;)



Oakfield/Elite Dreams – again on Streamline as the R doesn’t have the windkit and a custom on the Topline.



New trucks/trailers coming to ETS2?

So for those who haven’t read it yet, it would seem that SCS have been listening to us. Not only are they looking at adding rigids to the game, it has also made them reopen the question of trailer ownership.

Trailer ownership is something many people have wanted, the ability to have their own trailers to pull in the game.

But lets look more towards the rigid news; what else does this mean? Well for those of you that are familiar with Flemming’s tandems, this is essentially what they are looking into (and I wonder if he is the reason for it.) The general outline is that we’d be able to drop both the tandem and rigid parts as outlined in their post on the blog. This got me thinking. If we can drop them separately, does this mean that it may also open up the possibility to do multi-drop runs?

I certainly think so. Yes, it would require some changes into how the job market works, so if it happened I would think it would be in a later patch some time after the tandems patch is released. But I can certainly see it as being part of their final goal for this endeavour. One can hope.

While they may be announcing this now, this plan sounds like it is in the very early stages so it’s unlikely we’ll see it this year. In fact I would say we are probably looking at this being a year away if it pans out. Regardless of if/when this happens, it’s good to see that SCS are still looking ahead and supporting this nearly two year old title.


Details: http://blog.scssoft.com/2014/09/the-first-news-about-design.html