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Allport Cargo Services Poll

So I am planning on making this trailer skin later in the week. As many know, Stobart now pull these trailers even if they are a rarity on the roads.

The question is should I release it as part of the Big Stobart Mod, release it as a separate standalone only, or release a standalone and as part of the BSM?



The poll is open for 7 days (although I will be closing it at the weekend.) Let me know which you would rather me do.

Although it could seem like the easiest solution I won’t release two version of the BSM (one with and one without) as it could confuse people as to which to download, particularly if they are not native English speakers. It also makes more work for me for future updates and compatibility checking.

BSM & BMM Update

tbsm bmm


Both the BSM and BMM have been updated.

The BSM has had several skin tweaks to add “trailer” numbers to the back doors to better replicate their real life counter parts.

Both mods have been updated to change the wheels of the Charity trailer from the default SCS trailer wheels to the wheels that came with the trailer model as the default SCS ones are too large and makes them looks as though they are cutting into the trailer.

Please Note: there may be a further update to the BSM over the weekend. So for those of you who still have limited bandwidth or other wise don’t want to download the BSM twice in the same week, you may wish to hold off. Whether or not the BSM gets another update will depend on how the vote goes for the poll which will be posted shortly.

Stobart Truck Skin Updates

Kate Michelle and Phoebe Grace (classic Volvo) skins have been updated to work with Ohaha’s Volvo Tweak mod.

If you use the Stobart Truck Pack then every thing you need is included in the pack.

If you still use individual trucks then the Stobart white wheel mod has been updated to allow the 6×4 midlift wheel to show in Ohaha’s mod. The Stobart light box image is included in both individual mod packs.

pg2 km2

BP & Statoil Gas Stations

I’ve finally gotten around to finishing off the latest gas station in BP.



Also available Statoil. Statoil was a request back in November last year, and was part of the reason I decided to change the format of the gas station mods to give people multiple options over what companies they would like to see.



Malcolm Volvo 2009 Skin Updates

The Old Malcolm and Construction Malcolm Volvo skins have been updated to work with Ohaha’s volvo tweaks mod.

While doing this I have also decided to do away with the individual Malcolm mods and merge all the truck skins into one mod. This makes it easier for me to update and easier for you to keep track of what’s what.

The red wheels are also included in the pack.

Do remember to remove older versions of my malcolm truck skins before installing this one.