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While not all things can be modded, feel free to ask, if it can be done I will try.

1. Don’t post asking “can you make a mod for me?” – This serves no purpose, simply tell me what you want, then I will let you know if it can be done.

Please be clear and precise about what you’re after.

2. If it’s a replica of a real design please include HIGH QUALITY photos with your request. A front shot, a side shot, and a rear shot if possible. These are necessary to properly replicate a truck or trailer.

Photo basics: A general rule is to only use images that are a minimum of 700x500px, close up and in focus. If I can’t see it, I can’t copy it. This is particularly important if you want correct fonts used for text.

I simply don’t have time to search for pictures, every time someone asks for a request. If you don’t post any, I simply won’t do it.

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Stobart Truck Pack Update



As you may know I was waiting on GT-Mike before deciding on what I do with the truck pack. However I have come to the conclusion that it is best to leave the pack as is and release a secondary pack just for those people who will be using his “insane” mod.

The pack update contains all the content changes mentioned in the previous posts, as well as the skin update that was released solo earlier.

Mason Bros DAF E6 & Updates

General skin updates for the G & J Jack, Benton Bros, GBA Services, Stobart Solo file only, and Maritime DAF Euro 6 skins. This is too neaten up some areas as well as to help compatibility with Ohaha’s DAF Tweaks mod.

The Mason Bros DAF E6 has also been released. (Also compatible with Ohaha’s DAF mod.)


Big Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks to all who donated to to Children In Need via us to get your name/nick/vtc on the trailer. All donations have now been forwarded to Children in Need via the BBC web page.

We managed to get £29 in total, which is honestly more than I was expecting. So again, thanks to all who donated. :)

Stobart Trucks Update

All the individual Volvo 2009/2012 mods have been updated. Wheels and lightboxes have been removed to help lower file sizes, all of which have now been added to the the ‘Other Mods’ page as individual downloads.

The truck pack will hopefully be updated by Monday. Although most of my changes are done, I am waiting on GT-Mike’s Scania mod before I make a decision on whether or not to include skins for it.

Stobart Truck Pack Update



Just to let you all know, I am going to be updating the Big Stobart Truck Pack and individual trucks. The release date for this update will depend on some outside factors, including GT-Mike’s Scania mod.

The main reasons for the update are:

  • Minor compatibility updates.
  • Mod compatibility update for the Stobart wheels. (I’ll also be updating the stand alone version on the ‘other mods’ page.)
  • Removal of things that shouldn’t be in the mod. Some of you may of noticed that the M. Way wheels and Volvo Lightbox Decals were accidentally included in the truck pack. I have no idea how I managed that, but they will be removed.
  • Changing how the are listed in the shop – All skins will now show as Stobart (Truck Name) to make it easier finding a specific name if there are multiple skins on the truck.
  • Changing all prices. The prices vary from brand to brand so I am going to make all the similar skins the same price (prices will also be lowered.)

I’m also going to be removing the wheels and light boxes from the single skin files, both will be available via the other mods page. The reason for this is because blender models take up a lot of space compared to just skins. So a lot of space will be saved for the user and my dropbox account if I make them standalone, rather than including them in each appropriate standalone skin.

Both the wheels and light-boxes will continue to be included in the Truck Pack however.


Replica Truck Name Chance

Since I am updating the pack, I am going to give people the option to request a specific replica name. The only rule here is that the name and fleet number must match a real Stobart truck, it doesn’t matter if that truck is in or out of service so long as it existed. I am a member of the Stobart Club so I can easily check and verify details if need be. You don’t have to give me any reason for the name/number; personally I usually name them after the first truck I saw on that style/brand.

For obvious reasons, I don’t want to do too many names on a single brand, so if I end up with a lot of requests for a specific brand I will put all the names in a hat and pick several at random. Below are the Brand/Model open to requests.

To make a request simply ask in reply to this post, on the facebook group or via Alex’s email which can be found in the Welcome blog post.

Classic Skin – Super Space Cab
ESL Livery – Space Cab

–Iveco Stralis–
ESL Livery – Highroof

ESL Livery – Smallest
ESL Livery – Tallest

–Mercedes MP3–
ESL Livery – Megaspace/Tallest
Tesco T or F – Medium size

–Scania R & Streamlines–
ESL- Any size
Pirelli – Topline
Allport – Topline
M-Sport – Topline
Stobart Rail – Smallest
Energy Livery (new Biomass) – Highline
WS Transprot – Streamline Highline only

–Volvo Classic/2009–
Classic Livery – Globetrotter XL
ESL – Globetrotter XL

–Volvo New/2012–
ESL – Globetrotter XL

Custom Names

I am always open to custom names on any of the Stobart skins I have done. I keep all my PSD files so it is as simple as clicking the text and retyping. It takes literally two minutes for me to change the name/fleet number of an existing skin plus five to edit the def files. If you plan to request a custom name, always use the email in the Welcome blog post or via facebook only. This is so I can send you the file privately. I keep all custom name requests private, that way it is unique to you.