Children In Need 2014

As we are now into October I am going to release some details on the Children in Need charity trailer that will be released in November.

For those of you around last year, you will know that I released a trailer to people who donated to me for CiN2013, this year it will be a little different. Rather than releasing only to people who donate, the trailer is going to be released publicly on Friday 15th October when the fund-raising event will be held and anyone who wants it is free to it.

The trailer in question will be the same model I have used for the Malcolm/Stobart Charity trailer in the Malcolm and Stobart trailer mods and will take on a similar style. On one side (and the back doors) there will be a basic design while the other will feature a list of names of people & their VTCs who have donated £1 or more. For privacy sake only the first name and last initial will be shown, or if you prefer, a nickname can be used.

At the time of writing this the skin for the trailer is 99% complete and is just awaiting the names of donators. However I have chosen not to show the skin at this time, as in the past I have seen people show off a skin made for charity purposes and some other a-hole has come along, replicated the skin and released it as their own. So I do hope you understand that I won’t be previewing the skin until the week of Children in Need.

Before making a donation, please read the following carefully. 

Donation Guidelines

  • When sending the donation please remember to send it as “to friend or family” if you do not do this, Paypal will consider it a business transaction and tax your donation. Donations in the UK are TAX FREE, so please do remember to use the “send money to friend or family member” option so that the full donation amount is received.
  • Donations will be accepted from now up to 10am (GMT) Wednesday 13th November. After this time, I cannot guarantee being able to add names to the trailer as I will need the time to plan the layout of the names side of the trailer.
  • Use the message box on Paypal to tell me how you would like your name/nickname to appear. If you don’t include this information, I will simply use the sender name Paypal gives me.
  • For those of you who run a VTC you may also include that. Alternatively you may use the name you have given your ETS2 company if you wish. Please understand that not all VTC names maybe appropriate for this. See below.
  • To send a donation please use Alex’s email (my own personal Paypal is very busy, and I don’t want to miss any donations.)

VTC Names

  • As I mentioned above, not all company/VTC names maybe appropriate for putting on the trailer. For obvious reason no company name that sounds in any way inappropriate will be put on the trailer.
  • Like wise, if your VTC is name after a real company, there could be legal issues with putting it on the trailer. So any such name would have to have VTC at the end of it to avoid any confusion and potential legal issues.

If there’s any questions please feel free to ask via the comments or the email above.



All mods shown on the blog are free to download from their respective pages unless otherwise stated.

All content hosted on this website is my own work unless other wise stated.

Usage: My mods are free to the community, you may share them at will so long as credit is given, the files are not edited and the original dropbox link should be used to allow people to update as necessary if they download from other locations.

Important Notice: My mods are made to be compatible with the latest updates. I will not support older versions, as I feel there is no valid reason not to update if you have a legitimate copy.


If for any reason you need to contact me direcly please do so via:
This goes for private requests, notice of errors or donations.


Do I take requests? Absolutely. You can contact me via this page, my Facebook Group, my Google+ page, or Youtube.

While not all things can be modded, feel free to ask, if it can be done I will try.

1. Don’t post asking “can you make a mod for me?” – This serves no purpose, simply tell me what you want, then I will let you know if it can be done.

Please be clear and precise about what you’re after.

2. If it’s a replica of a real design please include HIGH QUALITY photos with your request. A front shot, a side shot, and a rear shot if possible. These are necessary to properly replicate a truck or trailer.

Photo basics: A general rule is to only use images that are a minimum of 700x500px, close up and in focus. If I can’t see it, I can’t copy it. This is particularly important if you want correct fonts used for text.

I simply don’t have time to search for pictures, every time someone asks for a request. If you don’t post any, I simply won’t do it.

All work here is the Interlectual Property of Christopher J. Klavins and is protected under the I.P. Act.
Replicas of real liveries are used under the Creative Commons License.
All mods are used at your own risk.


Big Stobart Mod Update


Along with making the BSM compatible with game version 1.14 I have also added a new trailer, a white Jumbo Tesco Trailer.

Due to the game changes in the new patch, this mod is not compatible with older versions of the game. Only install it once you are on game version 1.14x or higher. 


1.14 Compatibility Update 4

As of this moment all my public stand alone trailer mods are fully updated to work with game update 1.14.

If I have made you a private mod that edits companies, gives custom cargo or similar it is very important that you either return the mod to me so I can update it for the new game version or you simply stop using it.

Please note that due to the internal changes these mods will NOT work with game version 1.13x or older. 

Below is a full list of updated public mods.

Big Stobart Mod

Big Malcolm Mod

Allport Cargo Services solo/Standalone
Bartrums Trailer
Elite Dreams Solo/Standalone
JLR Trailer
Monster Trailer
B&Q trailer
Hochtied trailer
Royal Mail Advanced Version

Money Mod Updated.
ASDA 2 (with cargo mod)
Marshalls 2 (with cargo mod)

Euro 6 DAF Template

The main pack has been updated and for now you can download just the new daf template here

Please note, due to the way it has been UVmapped some parts do over lap. There’s is absolutely nothing I can do about this, it’s an SCS issue. I have mentioned it on their forum, but whether they change it remains to be seen.


Update 1.14 – Mod Incompatibilities

The new update changes a lot of things, as a result a lot of mods are going to need updating.

Because of these changes the updated versions will NOT work with old versions of the game. This means once I update, you will either have to stay on the older version of the mods or update your game. As I have always said, I see no valid reason not to update the game if you have a legitimate copy, so I will not support older versions (too time consuming really.)

Also because of this, I will not be updating the mods on the page until the day 1.14 becomes officially released for all. This is partly so that anyone not on beta can still download my mods for 1.13 and enjoy them now.

Here is a list of my mods that will require updating once 1.14 is public:


ALL Private Custom Company Mods
Big Stobart Mod
Big Malcolm Mod
Allport Cargo Services solo/Standalone
Bartrums Trailer
Buckfast Trailers
Elite Dreams Solo/Standalone
JLR Trailer
Laysoft Trailer
Monster Trailer
Red Bull Trailer
RR Transport Trailer
Marshalls (With Cargo version)
ASDA 2 (cargo version)
B&Q trailer
Hochtied trailer
HSS Trailer
Royal Mail Advanced Version
UK Postal Services Mod
Money and XP Cheat mod

Lee Distribution

By request, a Lee Distribution skin.

Normally a simple design like this should be a five minute job with a little extra to do all the behind the scenes files… I spent just over an hour looking for the “King’s Lynn” font. Skinning maybe easy, but sometimes the most time consuming thing is trying to make sure the correct fonts are used when possible.